ICD-9 and CPT Coding (Hospital)

Test Outline

Coding and IPPS
DRG Assignment Guidelines
DRG Assignment Principles
IPPS Guidelines
Coding and OPPS
APC Assignment Guidelines
APC Assignment Principles
OPPS Guidelines
CPT and HCPCS Principles
Appendices and Indexes
Coding Guidelines
Organization and Structure
ICD-9-CM Principles
Coding Guidelines
Format of ICD-9-CM
ICD-9-CM Coding Conventions
Practice Coding-Inpatient
Inpatient-Internal Medicine
Inpatient-OB/GYN and Newborn
Practice Coding-Outpatient
Emergency Room and Clinic
Outpatient Diagnostic Services
Outpatient Surgery
Outpatient Therapeautic Services
Utilization of CPT and HCPCS
CPT Section Guidelines
Drugs and Biologicals
Utilization of ICD-9-CM
Chapter Specific Coding Guidelines
Diagnosis Coding Guidelines-Outpatient
Selection of Principal and Additional Diagnoses


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