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.NET Framework 4.0


Our .NET Framework 4.0 test measures your knowledge of .NET environment. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Application Development, Application Management, Configuration Support, Data Storage and Management, Enterprise System Elements, Object Oriented Framework Features, Performance Tools and Techniques, Subsystems, Additional Frameworks, and Services, System Communication and Networking Support.

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Test Outline

Application Development
Code Contracts
Covariance and Contravariance
Data Types
Event Handlers and Delegates
Multi-Language Support
Application Management
Common Language Runtime
Dynamic Language Runtime
Event Logging
Exception and Error Management
Configuration Support
Localization and Globalization
System and Application Configuration
Data Storage and Management
Data Services
Entity Framework
File I/O
Memory-Mapped Files
Object-Oriented Framework Features
Design Patterns
Language Specific Support
Object Orientation
Performance Tools and Techniques/System Elements
Enterprise Level / 64-Bit Framework Support
Enterprise Services
Garbage Collection
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Subsystems, Additional Frameworks, and Services
Managed Extensibility and Add In Frameworks
Windows Presentation Foundation
Windows Services
Windows Workflow Foundation
System Communication and Networking Support
Message Queues and Interprocess Communication
Windows Communication Foundation