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Our ABAP for SAP R/3 test measures your knowledge of programming in ABAP for SAP R/3. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Classes, Encapsulations, Inheritance, Interfaces, Object Orientation, Object References, Objects, and Polymorphism.


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Test Outline

Class Components - Attributes and Methods
Constructor Concepts
Events and Event Handling
Local Classes and Global Classes
Visibility of Attributes
Visibility of Events
Visibility of Methods
Abstract Classes and Final Classes
Inheritance and Visibility
Cast between Interface References
Class and Interface Pool
Compound and Nested Interfaces
Usage of Several Interfaces
Object Orientation
Analysis and Design
Function Groups and Objects
OO Approach
OO Transactions
Object References
Concept of Casting
Multiple Instances of a Class
Namespace within a Class
Register and Handle Events
Address Components of an Object
Garbage Collection
Object Creation
Advantages of Polymorphism
Polymorphism and Interfaces
Polymorphism versus Inheritance