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Act! 4.0


Our Act! 4.0 test measures your knowledge of ACT! 4.0. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: ACT! Basics, Activities and Scheduling, Advanced Reports, Calendars, Database Creation, Exchanging Data, Lookups and Queries, Managing Records, Productivity in ACT!, Reports, Security and Backup, SideACT!, Staying in Contact, Synchronizing Data, Word Processing, and Working with Groups.


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Test Outline

ACT! Basics
ACT! Toolbars
ACT! Workflow
Modifying Contacts
Activities & Scheduling
Modifying Activities
Recurring Activities
Scheduling Activities
Advanced Reports
Defining Filters
Rulers & Grids
Scheduling from the calendar
Database Creation
Drop-down lists
Formatting field data
Exchanging Data
Understanding import/export file formats
Lookups & Queries
Advanced Queries - logical, Boolean, complex
Lookup Basics
Modifying Lookups
Sorting Records
Using Queries
Managing Records
Creating Contacts
Modifying Contacts
Notes & History
Viewing Contacts
Productivity in ACT!
Create Layouts
Customize keyboard shortcuts
Customize Menus
Customize Toolbars
Modify Layouts
Report Templates
Security & Backup
Create/Modify Users
Multi-user databases
Working with SideACT!
Staying in Contact
E-mail in ACT!
Mail-Merge Faxes
Synchronizing Data
Synchronize Data
Word Processing
Create/Customize document templates
Creating Documents
Form Letters - Mail Merge
Formatting Documents
Managing Documents
Working with Groups
Modifying Groups