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Active Server Pages


Our Active Server Pages (ASP) test measures your knowledge of developing Web sites using ASP 3.0. Designed for experienced developers, this test covers the following topics: ADO Core Elements, ASP Architecture, Basic Language, Error Handling, I/O Concepts, Key Client Side Elements, Server Side Elements, and Utility Objects on Server.

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Test Outline

ADO Core Elements
Command Objects
Multiple Recordsets
Stored Procedures
ASP Architecture
Request and Response
Server Object
Using ServerVariables
Basic Language
@ Directives
Data Typing
Error Handling
ASPError Object
Custom Error Pages
Using OnError
I/O Concepts
Buffering Output
Reading Binary Data
Writing Binary Data
Key Client Side Elements
Get and Post Requests
Processing Client Input
Target Attribute
Server Side Elements
Maintaining State
Mechanics of INCLUDE and SRC
State Maintenance
Transfer and Execute methods
Utility Objects On Server
Dictionary Objects