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Android 4.0 Development


Our Android 4.0 Development test measures your knowledge of developing for the Android platform, through version 4.0. Designed for experienced developers, an average performer should pass the test. This test covers the following topics: Configuration and Deployment, Extended Capabilities, I/O, Network and Data Storage, Non-Interface Components, Structure and Construction, System and Application Interactions, Tools and Development, and User-Facing Components.

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Test Outline

Configuration and Deployment
Configuration Files
Extended Capabilities
InterProcess Communication
Processes, Threads and Tasks
Web Application Development
I/O, Network and Data Storage
Local File Access
Properties and Public/Private Data
Remote Systems Access
SQLite Databases
Non-Interface Components
Broadcast Receivers
Hardware Control
Messages and Events
Structure and Construction
Activities, Fragments and Loaders
Content Providers and Services
Directory and File Structures
System and Application Interactions
Intents and Intent Filters
Search Capabilities
Tools and Development
Emulators and Tools
Guidelines and Best Practices
Testing and Debugging
User-Facing Components
Dialogs, Notifications and Styling
Resources and Localization
XML Layout Files and UI Elements