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Assembly Language


Our Assembly Language test measures your knowledge of the concepts used in all areas of assembly language. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Numbering and Representations, Programmers View, Data and Instructions, Addressing Mode, Transfer of Control, Arithmetic Instructions, Bit Manipulations, Interrupts, Assembler, Interfacing with HLL, and Input/Output. Test-takers may need a calculator for this exam.

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Test Outline

Addressing Modes
Effective Addresses
Impact on Execution Cycles
Impact on Instruction Size
Which Mode to Use
Arithmetic Instructions
Assembler and Loaders
Bit Manipulations
Binary Operations
Shifts and Rotates
Data and Instructions
Data Layout
Instruction Formats
Input/Output Instructions
Interrupt, DMA, and Co-Processor Assisted
Program Controlled
Interfacing with HLL's
Interfacing with High-level Languages
Hardware Interrupts
Installing Interrupt Service Routines
Interrupt Processing
Software Interrupts
Numbering and Representations
Numbering Systems
Signed Integers
Programmers View
General, Pointer and Segment Registers
Transfer of Control
Branches & Absolute Jumps
Calling Subprograms