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AutoCAD 2004 (U.S.) (Interactive)


Our AutoCAD® 2004 (U.S.)(Interactive) test measures your ability to design in two dimensions using AutoCAD® 2004. Some of the items in the test contain drawing files that you will open and manipulate in AutoCAD® 2004. Designed for experienced users, the AutoCAD 2004® (U.S.)(Interactive) test covers the following topics: Annotation, Drawing, Drawing Shapes, Drawing View, Editing, Editing Objects, File Management, Format, Inserting Objects, and Utilities and Settings.

Several of the test questions have links to download a drawing file into your AutoCAD program. Please follow these steps to ensure that the AutoCAD files open correctly:

* When you are prompted to click on a link to open a file, right-click on the link and save the file to your computer.
* Then go to the file on your computer and right-click on the file and choose "Open With" AutoCAD.

This process will bypass any settings that you have on your browser or your AutoCAD program that instruct the file to open with another program or as an HTML file.

Since this test is a hands-on measure of your abilities and knowledge of the program, you MUST have AutoCAD 2004 loaded on your computer in order to take this test.


Once you request a test, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be stored in your My Plan for easy access. You will have 90 days in which to take the test you requested.

Test Outline

Advanced Entities
Advanced Entities and Shapes
Associative Dimensions
Attributed Blocks
Hatching Options
Text Options and Editing
Dimensioning Options and Editing
Hatching Options
Text Options and Editing
Basic Entities
UCS Usage
Units - English vs Metric
Using Coordinate Systems
Using Osnaps
2D Manipulation
3D Manipulation
Copying and Stretching
Selecting and Grips
File Management
Save and Open
Support Structure Configuration
Undo and Redo
Attribute and Text Usage
Color and Linetype
Properties Management
Standards Management
User Preferences
Color versus Style-based Plotting
Interface Configuration
Menu Customization
Non-critical Variable Settings
Utilities and Programming
Extracting Drawing Data
Importing and Exporting Data
Stoing and Using Entity Data
Storing and Using Entity Data
Shading, Hiding, Rendering
Viewpoint Manipulation