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BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1


Our BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1 Administration test measures your ability to administer an application server using the BEA WebLogic Server. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test covers the following topics: Application and Deployment, Pre-Planning/Pre-Installation, Server Configuration, Server Management, Server Monitoring, Server Troubleshooting, and Software Installation.


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Test Outline

Application and Deployment
Application Deployment in a Clustered Environment
Application Deployment On Virtual Hosts
Deployment Tools
Hardware and Software Supported Systems
Installation Prerequisites
Installation Type and Method
J2EE, Application, and Protocol Compatibility
Target Installation Directories
Server Configuration
Adapter Pools For Integration With Legacy Systems
Node Manager and Server
SSL/Security and Roles For Weblogic Server
Weblogic Cluster Configuration
Weblogic Server Components
Server Management
Administration Console
Common Administrative Tasks
Domains and The Domain Directory Structure
Managing Weblogic Resource Management
Virtual Hosts
Server Monitoring
Services and Facilities
Transaction monitoring logging
Using SNMP
Weblogic Backup
Weblogic Server In A Clustered Environment
Weblogic Server States
Server Troubleshooting
I/O, processing, and memory bottlenecks
Thread dumps
Weblogic Server performance and tuning
Weblogic Server Recovery
Software Installation
Graphical, Console and Silent Mode
Supported Third Party Plugins
Un-Installing Weblogic Service Packs and Patches
Weblogic Server License
Weblogic Service Packs and Patches