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Business Writing


Our Business Writing test measures your knowledge of important types of business writing being used today. Designed for administrative professionals, this test covers the following topics: Business Letters, Other Formats, Principles of Organization, Rules of Grammar, Spelling, Style and Tone, and Vocabulary.

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Test Outline

Business Letters
Basic Structure
Close, Signature, Notations, and Initials
Letters That Get Results
Reference Letters
Other Formats
Memos, Short Notes, & Faxes
PowerPoint Presentations
Reports, Business Plans
Principles of Organization
Expressing Ideas
Getting Started
Style, Mood, Active or Passive Voice, & Person
Rules of Grammar
Parts of Speech (adj,adv, etc.)
Pronoun Use
Sentence Structure
Subject-Verb Agreement
Verb Usage
Common Errors
Simple & Compound Nouns
Suffixes & Prefixes
Style & Tone
Positive Communication
Understanding Your Reader
Homonyms, Antonyms, & Synonyms
Jargon, Euphemisms, Overworked Words, & Slang
Use of Dictionary, Thesaurus, & Spellchecker
Words often Misused