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Our C++11 test measures your knowledge of programming in C++11. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Data Types and Structures, I/O, Intrinsic Language Constructs, Memory Management, Object-Oriented Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Programming Construction and Execution, and The Standard Library.

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Test Outline

Data Types And Structures
Intrinsic Data Types
Strings And Character Arrays
Structs, Unions, Enums
Type Conversions
Variables, Initialization, Scope
Intrinsic Language Constructs
Exception Handling
Flow Control Statements
Functions And Structure
Iteration Statements
Lexical Elements
Memory Management
Allocation And Deallocation
Pointers And Member Pointers
Smart Pointers
Object-Oriented Design
Access Rights And Scope
Class Members And Friends
Declaring And Using Classes
Inheritance And Polymorphism
Object-Oriented Programming
Abstract And Virtual
Operator Overloading
Special Member Functions
Templates And Namespaces
Program Construction And Execution
Build Control
Debugging And Optimization
File Types And Build Flow
Program Exit And Entry
Program Structure Concepts
The Standard Library
Data Structures
Utility Classes And Algorithms