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C# 3.0 Fundamentals


Our C# 3.0 Fundamentals test measures your knowledge of programming in the .NET environment using C# 3.0. Designed for entry-level programmers, this test includes the following topics: Arrays, Generics, and Collections; Class Members; Delegates and Events; Exception Handling; Expressions, Grammar and Logic, Operators and Overloading; Reference and Value Types.


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Test Outline

Arrays, Generics and Collections
Collection Base Classes and Interfaces
Collection Initializers
Generic Collections
Iterators and Enumerators
Lists, Queues, Stacks and Dictionaries
Class Members
Access and Parameter Modifiers
Extension Methods
Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Properties and Indexers
Readonly and Constant Fields
Static Members
Delegates and Events
Asynchronous Processing
Delegates and Anonymous Methods
Event-Driven Programming
Exception Handling
Rethrowing Exceptions
try-catch-finally Statements
Lambda Expressions
Query Expressions and LINQ
Grammar and Logic
Iteration Statements
Jump Statements
Namespaces and Scoping
Selection Statements
Operators and Overloading
Boolean Operators
Comparison and Relational Operators
Mathematical and Increment Operators
Reference and Value Types
Anonymous Types
Classes and Structs
Nullable Types
ref and out
typeof and GetType()