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CGI Scripting


Our CGI Scripting test measures your knowledge of the key issues in Common Gateway Interface script. Designed for experienced web developers, this test covers the following topics: HTTP, HTML Forms, CGI Protocol, CGI Programming, CGI Techniques, Security, Webservers, and CGI Alternatives.

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Test Outline

CGI Alternatives
Server Side Includes
CGI Programming
Common Errors
Decoding Form Data
File Permissions
Gateway Services
Performance Tuning Concepts
Resource locking
CGI Techniques
Communication Between Frames
Dynamic Content
HTML Generation
Javascript Generation
Maintaining State
HTML Forms
Basic Form Elements
File Upload
Hidden Fields
Radio Buttons
The FORM Tag
Caching Concepts
Content Negotiation
Content Types
Server Responses
URL Concepts
Secure Programming Techniques
Security Risks
The CGI Protocol
Environment Variables
Other HTTP Methods
The GET Method
The POST Method
Web Servers
Apache Configuration
IIS Configuration
Log Files