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Our Common Business Oriented Language I (ANSI 74) test measures your knowledge of programming in COBOL I (ANSI 74). Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: COBOL Elements, Condition Checking, Creating Reports, Data Division, Decision Making, Errors, File Processing, Process Statements, Program Processing, and Tables.

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Test Outline

COBOL Elements
ANSI 74 Elements--Required Elements
Basic Syntax (Comments, Areas)
Division Formats
Identification Division--ANSI 74 Elements
Condition Checking
Validating Data; Operators
Creating Reports
Control Breaks & Totals
Headers & Footers
Page Break
Report Layout
Report Writer
Data Division
ANSI 74 Elements
Call, Linkage Section
Copy, Copy/Replace
File Section
Working Storage / Data Types & Definitions
Working Storage / Features
Decision Making
ANSI 74 Elements
IF Statements
Scope Termination
Compiler Errors ANSI 74 Elements
Error Conditions-ANSI 74 Elements
File Processing
I/O Statements
Sort, Merge, Update Master File
Process Statements
ANSI 74 Elements
Arithmetic Statements
Moves, Initialize, Set, String
Program Processing
Alter, Go To
Design; Debugging; Goback
Ready Trace
Matching & Searching (include Multiple Levels)
Table Definition, Indexing, Occurs, etc.