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COBOL II Fundamentals


Our Common Business Oriented Language II Fundamentals test measures your knowledge of programming in COBOL II. Designed for entry-level programmers, this test covers the following topics: Arithmetic Computations, Character Manipulation, Data Division Basics, File Processing and Reports, Input/Output Basics, Mainframe Environment, Procedure Division Basics, Program Structure, and Table Usage.


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Test Outline

Arithmetic Computations
Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide
Compute Statement
Date and Time Functions
Numeric Functions
Character Manipulation
Alphanumeric Functions
Inspect Statement
Reference Modification
String and Unstring
Data Division Basics
File Section
Groups, Levels, and Data Names
Pictures, Values, and Usages
Redefines and 88 Levels
File Processing and Reports
Coding for Reports
File Organizations
Master/Transaction Processing
Sorting Concepts
Variable Length Records
Input/Output Basics
File I/O Statements
Linkage Section
Mainframe Environment
Compiling Concepts and Errors
Data Formats
Operation and Data Exceptions
Procedure Division Basics
Call and Exec Statements
IF and EVALUATE Statements
Move, Set, and Initialize
PERFORM Statement
Program Structure
Copy and Include
Divisions, Sections, and Paragraphs
Line Syntax
Table Usage
Defining and Initializing
Referencing Tables Entries
Search Statement
Subscripts and Indexes