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Cisco Network Design


Our Cisco Network Design test measures your knowledge of installing and configuring an Internet Protocol network using Cisco routers. Designed for experienced engineers, this test covers the following topics: Cisco Network Design Model, Disaster Recovery, Multicast Protocols, Network Addressing Design, Network Equipment Physical Requirements, Network Security, OSI Model, Requirements Gathering Techniques, Routing Protocol Concepts and Design, and Switching and Routing Considerations.

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Test Outline

Cisco Network Design Model
Hierarchical Network Design
LAN Redundancy
WAN Redundancy
Wireless Access Point
Disaster Recovery
LAN Redundancy Considerations
Network Core Redundancy
WAN Connectivity Disaster Recovery
Multicast Protocols
Group Management Protocol, IGMP
Multicast Routing: MCast BGP
Shared Tree And Source Tree PIM
Source Discovery Protocol, MSDP
Network Addressing Design
DNS/DHCP Services
Network Equipment Physical Requirements
Physical Infrastructure (Cabling)
Physical Location Requirements
Power Requirements
Network Security
Crypto Keys
LAN Segment Security Concerns
WAN Connection Security Concerns
Wireless Access Point Security
OSI Model
Layer 1 Function
Layer 2 Function
Layer 3 Function And Routing
Layer 4 Function
Layer 5 Through 7 Function
Requirements Gathering Techniques
Additional Requirements Not Specified
Understanding LAN Traffic Requirements
Understanding WAN Traffic Requirements
Routing Protocol Concepts And Design
Border Gateway Protocol
Protocol Interoperability
Static Routing
Switching And Routing Considerations
802.1Q Encapsulation
Campus Switching
QOS And VPN Issue Solutions
Routing From Core To Edge
STP Considerations