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ColdFusion 8


Our ColdFusion 8 test measures your knowledge of developing Web Applications using ColdFusion 8. Designed for experienced developers, this test includes the following topics: Application Framework, Code Reuse, Content Generation, Database, File System, Flow Control, Output, Security, User Input, Variable Manipulation, and Variable Scoping.

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Test Outline

Application Framework
Administrator Settings
Application.cfc and Application.cfm
Error Handling
Scheduled Tasks
Code Reuse
Custom Tags
Include Files
User Defined Functions
Content Generation
Excel Files
Mail Handling
PDF Documents
Remote Source
Report Builder
Caching Queries
Database Metadata
Results from Queries
Stored Procedures
File System
Directories and Paths
File Input/Output
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Flow Control
Dynamic Evaluation Functions
IF/THEN and Boolean Logic
Page Redirection
Debugging Tags
Display Management Tags
Displaying Tabular Data
Image Manipulation
SQL Injection
Site Security
User Login Authentication
User Input
Form Input
Populating Forms with Dynamic Content
Uploading Files
Validating Form Data
Variable Manipulation
Arrays and Structures
Date and Time
Variable Scoping
CGI and Server Variables
Order of Precedence
Persistent Scopes
Shared Scopes