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Compensation Management (U.S.)


Our Compensation Management (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of employee compensation processes and laws in the United States. Designed for experienced human resource professionals and managers, this test covers the following topics: Communicating Compensation Programs, Executive Compensation, Expatriate Compensation, Job Analysis and Design, Legal Compliance, Performance Appraisals, Salary Administration, Sales Compensation, Setting the Stage, Variable Compensation, and Wage Level Decisions.

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Test Outline

Communicating Compensation Programs
Emerging Compensation Issues
Competency Pay
War on Talent
Executive Compensation
Equity Ownership
Incentive Plans
Pay Decisions
Expatriate Compensation
Job Analysis & Design
Designing Wage Structures
Job Analysis
Job Descriptions
Job Evaluation
Wage & Structure Concepts
Legal Compliance
Performance Appraisals
Use in Compensation Administration
Salary Administration
Compensation Control
Compensation Planning
Developing Pay Strategies
Individual Wage Determinations
Sales Compensation
Measuring Plan Effectiveness
Objective of Sales Compensation Plans
Plan Design
Setting the Stage
Developing a Compensation Philosophy
Program Challenges
Setting Program Objectives
Variable Compensation
Long Term Programs
Measuring Plan Effectiveness
Short Term Programs
Wage Level Decisions
Compensation Surveys
Developing a Strategy
Job Pricing
Setting Salary Ranges