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Computer Fundamentals (Win 7)


Our Computer Fundamentals (Win 7) test measures basic knowledge of using a personal computer. While the test focuses on the skills of using any PC, it uses the Windows 7 platform as its basis. Designed for all computer users, this test includes the following topics: Basic Windows Features, Control Panel, Desktop and Task bar, Files and Folders, Hardware, Internet, Networking, Office Applications, Security as well as Performance, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.


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Test Outline

Basic Computer Hardware
Understanding the hardware
Basic Windows Features
Home/Professional - What's New?
Windows Installation, Updating and Upgrading
Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs
Personalize Computer Settings
Printers and Other Hardware
Desktop and Taskbar
My Computer
Notification Area
Shortcuts/Hot Keys
Start Menu
Taskbar and Start Properties
Files and Folders
Recycle Bin
Windows Explorer
Working with Files and Folders
Device Manager
Peripheral Devices
Storage Devices
Transferring Data
Accessing the Internet
Using a Web Browser
Accessing and Sharing Resources
Network Communication
Remote Desktop Access
Windows Firewall
Office Applications
Other Software Applications
Windows Applications
Performance, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Control Panel
Defragment Disks
Disk Management
Manage User Accounts
Scheduled Tasks
System Restore
Permissions/Sharing/Security Processes
Security Settings