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CorelDRAW 9.0


Our CorelDRAW 9.0 test measures your knowledge of CorelDRAW 9.0. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Colors and Palettes, Creating Objects, Effects, File I/O, Manipulating Objects, Prepare for Web, Print and PDF, Special Features, User Interface, Working with Bitmaps, and Working with Text.

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Test Outline

Colors and Palettes
Creating and Editing Palettes
Mixers and Models
Palette Docker and Swatches
Creating Objects
Artistic Media
Shapes and Lines
Text, Fonts and Symbols
Blends and Contours
Color Adjustments
Envelopes and Distortions
Extrudes and Perspective
Lenses, Transparency and Drop Shadows
File I/O
Acquire from Sources
Document Set-up
Import and Export
Open and Save
Manipulating Objects
3D Objects
Combining and Grouping
Layers and Ordering
Node Editing
Transformations and Duplication
Weld, Trim and Intersect
Prepare for Web
Image Maps
Link Management
Publish to Internet
Print and PDF
Color Management
Layout, Imposition and Merge
PostScript and Prepress
Print Styles
Publish to PDF
Special Features
Find and Replace
Styles and Templates
User Interface
Keyboard Shortcuts
Menus and Dialogs
Property Bars and Dockers
Rulers, Guidelines and Grids
Working With Bitmaps
Conversion, Saving and Editing
Creating and Editing
Working With Text
Artistic and Paragraph Text
Import and Export
Sizing, Kerning and Spacing
Text Effects
Text Options