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DB2 Administration (UDB)


Our DB2 Administration (UDB) test measures your knowledge of administering DB2 databases. It includes content from the version 9 release. DB2 (UDB) is designed for experienced administrators and covers the following topics: Backup and Restore, Database Administration Tools, Database Design, Database Implementation, Database Maintenance, Database Requirements, and Problem Resolution.

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Test Outline

Backup and Restore
Import / Export
Database Administration Tools
Client Tools
Developer Tools
Query Data
Scalar Functions
Update Data
Database Design
Data Integrity
Data Storage
Naming and Organization
Procedural Database Objects
Database Implementation
Data Definition Language
Data Population
Database Reorganization
Database Run Statistics
Package Rebind
Database Maintenance
Automatic Scripts
Structural Changes
User Maintenance
Database Requirements
Base Product
Performance Characteristics
Remote Connectivity
Table Structural Features
Problem Resolution
Error Messages
Performance Monitor
Trace Facility
Visual Explain