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DB2 Programming


Our DB2 Programming test measures your knowledge of programming DB2 databases. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Adding/Changing Data, Data Access, Data Definition and Data Types, Error Handling, Locking, Concurrency, and Unit of Work, Multiple Table Access, Performance Considerations, SQL Functions, Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions.

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Test Outline

Adding / Changing Data
Column Constraints and Triggers
Insert Data
Modify Existing Records
Referential Integrity
Update Cursors
Data Access
Cursor Declaration
Matching Selection Criteria
Ordering and Grouping
Range Selection
Data Definition and Data Types
Catalog Tables
Date / Time Formats
Special Types
Table Definition
Use of Data Types
Error Handling
Common Error Codes
SQL Condition Handlers
Locking, Concurrency, and Unit of Work
Commit and Rollback
Isolation Levels
Lock Types and Granularity
Multiple Table Access
Inner and Outer Joins
Nested Table Expressions
Performance Considerations
Index Definition
Index Usage
Static vs. Dynamic SQL
SQL Functions
Aggregate Functions
Column Functions
Date / Time Functions
Using Special Registers
Stored Procedures & User Defined Functions
Creating Functions and Procedures
Passing Parameters
Result Sets