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DOS 6.2


The Disk Operating System 6.2 test measures your knowledge of DOS 6.2. Designed for system administrators, IT help desk, and technical support professionals, this test covers the following topics: ANSI.SYS, DOS Fundamentals, DOS Editor, Files and Directories, Managing Disks, Batch Files, System Configuration, and Controlling DOS.


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Test Outline

ANSI Escape Sequences
Controlling the Cursor
Issuing ANSI.SYS Codes
Redefining Keys
Batch Files
Batch Commands
Chaining and Nesting
Macros and Doskey
Replaceable Parameters
Controlling DOS
Environment Commands
Mode Command
Using DOS Variables
Using Pipes and Filters
DOS Editor
Editing Techniques
Managing Files
Menus and Shortcut Keys
Search and Replace
DOS Fundamentals
Booting DOS
DOS Prompt and Command Line
DOS Shell
PC Hardware
Starting and Restarting a PC
Using DOS Commands
Files and Directories
Comparing Files and Disks
Copying and Deleting Files and Directories
Directory Management
DOS File Name Conventions
File Attributes
Listing and Viewing Files
Renaming Files and Directories
Using Wild Card Characters
International Features
Code Page Switching
Managing Disks
Booting and Managing Disks
Formatting Floppy Disks
Protecting Data on Disks
Setting Up a Hard Disk
Storage Media
Unformatting Disks
Volume Label
System Configuration
Configuration Commands
DOS Environment
Memory Management
System Diagnosis