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Database Marketing (U.S.)


The Database Marketing (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of database marketing, business problem-solving, and current industry trends. Designed for experienced marketing professionals, this test includes the following topics: Customer Management, Data Processing, Database Applications, Database Management, Database Marketing Basics, Lists, Strategy and Management, and Testing and Analysis.


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Test Outline

Customer Management
Contact Management
Loyalty Programs
One to One Marketing
Data Processing
List Selection and Generation
Merge Purge
Postal Presorting
Database Applications
Customer Acquisition
Customer Reactivation
Customer Retention
Tracking and Measurement
Database Management
Building the Database
Data Capture
Data Hygiene
File Composition
Flat File vs Relational Databases
Normalization of Data
Database Marketing Basics
B2B vs B2C
Database Marketing vs Direct Marketing
Database Marketing vs General Marketing
Principles of Direct Marketing
Creating Customized Prospect Lists
External or Rental Lists
Internal House Lists
Strategy and Management
DBM Culture
Integrating Marketing Efforts
Interactive Marketing - Web and E-mail
Privacy Issues
Testing and Analysis
Data Mining
Predictive Modelling
Response Rates and Metrics
Selecting and Tracking Test Cells