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Delphi 3.0


Our Delphi 3.0 test measures your knowledge of programming using Delphi 3.0. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Abstract Data Types; Control Structures; Delphi IDE; DLL, OLE, COM and ActiveX; Exception Handling; Fundamentals of OOD; Object Pascal Class; Object Pascal Language; OOP, Pascal I/O, and Console Applications; VCL Internals and Component Writing; and Visual Component Library (VCL).

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Test Outline

Abstract Data Types
Cached Updates
TStringList, Tlist, etc.
Control Structures
Repeat Until
Delphi IDE
Configuration General
Database Access BDE
Database Explorer
DLL, OLE, COM and ActiveX
ActiveX Generation
Automation Objects
DLL Usage
Embedded OLE
Exception Handling
Defining Exceptions
Try Finally, Try Except
Fundamentals of OOD
Designing Classes and Objects
Encapsulation/Information Hiding
Object Pascal Class
Class Instance Objects
Class Member Methods
Class Scope
Constructors Destructors
Pascal Types
Self Pointer
Unit Scope
Object Pascal Language
Object Pascal Class Types
Pascal Types
OOP, Pascal I/O, and Console Applications
File Input and Output
Public, Public, Protected, and Private Base Class
Virtual Methods
VCL Internals and Component Writing
Class Hierarchy
Component Creation
Streaming (.DFM)
Visual Component Library (VCL)
Cached Updates
Control Behaviors
Data Access Controls for SQL Database Access
Data Aware Control Behaviors
Data Display Controls
Event Handling
Forms and Datamodules
Standard, Additional, System, and Win32 Controls
Three-Tier Controls and Support/Midas Controls