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Diversity Awareness (U.S.)


Our Diversity Awareness (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of the issues around working in a diverse workplace. Designed for all employees, this test enables you to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the benefits of a diverse workforce and the common areas where care must be shown to prevent misunderstandings due to differences in backgrounds, gender, and abilities. This test includes the following topics: Diversity in Organizations, Diversity: Concepts and Driving Forces, Managing for Diversity - Policies & Programs, Organizational Roles and Culture, and The Character of Diversity.

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Test Outline

Cultural Diversity in Organizations
Connotations of Past Initiative
Cultural Frames (Biases)
Direct Measures
Indirect Measures
OD & Change Management
Cultural Diversity: Concepts & Driving Forces
Advantages (e.g., competitive)
Demographic Changes
The Scope of Diversity
Managing for Diversity - Policies & Programs
Employee Development
Linkages to Organizational Strategies
Performance Management & Appraisal
Strategy Implications: Recruit, Hire, & Select
Organizational Roles & Culture
Inter-group Relations & Communications
Role of First-line & Middle Management
Role of HR & Diversity Officers
Role of Networking
Role of Senior Leadership
The Character of Diversity
Models & Paradigms of Diversity
Primary & Secondary Identity
Relationship to Economic, Social, & Human Capital