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Embedded Systems Concepts


Our Embedded Systems Concepts test measures your knowledge of the core concepts involved in working with embedded systems. This test is not specific to any platform but measures knowledge across all areas of embedded systems. Designed for all involved with embedded systems, this test covers the following topics: System Design, Hardware and Software Design, Interrupts, Software Architecture, Validation, and Debugging.

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Test Outline

Debug Monitors
In Circuit Emulators
Logic Analyzers
Hardware Design
Design Considerations
Standard Bus Types
Interrupt Chaining
Interrupt Latency
Interrupt Types
Interrupts Required
Nested Interrupts
Software Architecture
Hybrid Designs
Polling Loop
State Machine
Software Design
Code Partitions
State Diagram
Timing Diagrams
System Design
CPU Type and Speed
Memory Requirements
Requirements Definition
System Resources
Interfaces Required
Memory Characteristics
Peripheral Characteristics
Resource Sharing
Watchdog Timers
Code Instrumentation
Test Plan