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Financial Accounting (UK)


Our Financial Accounting (U.K.) test measures your knowledge of Financial Accounting rules and procedures used in the U.K. Designed for the experienced accounting professional, this test covers the following topics: Analysis of Financial Accounts, Audit, Cost Accounting, Financial management, International Accounting Standards (IAS), Journal Entries, Preparation of financial accounts, Published Financial Statements and Taxation.


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Test Outline

Analysis of Financial Accounts
Cash management
Liquidity and Management
External Audit
Internal Audit
Cost Accounting
Cost of Goods Produced
Decision Making Techniques
Overhead Allocation/Apportionment
Transfer Pricing
Financial management
Cost of Capital
Sources of short, medium and long-term Finance
International Accounting Standards (IAS)
IAS 16 Property, plant and equipment
IAS 21 Foreign Exchange
IAS 7 Cash-flow statements
Journal Entries
Accruals and Prepayments
Double entry bookkeeping
Preparation of financial accounts
Operating and finance leases
Post Balance sheet events
Stock / Inventory
Published Financial Statements
Consolidated Accounts
General requirements
Income Statement
Notes to Financial Statements
The Balance Sheet
Corporation Tax
Powers of Tax Authorities
Sales tax / VAT