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Financial Analysis (U.S.)


Our Financial Analysis (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of financial analysis in the United States including the metrics used and the regulatory organizations involved. Designed for the experienced financial professional, this test covers the following topics: Analyzing Return, Analyzing Risk, Budgetary Control, Budgets, Cost of Capital, Financial Analysis, and Valuation Methods. Test-takers will need a financial calculator for this exam.

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Test Outline

Analyzing Return
Average and Expected Returns
Portfolio Weights and Expected Returns
Real vs. Nominal Returns
Analyzing Risk
Measuring Systematic and Unsystematic
Portfolio Betas
Reward-to-Risk Ratio
Budgetary Control
Fixed vs. Flexible
Variable Cost Budgets
Functions and Development
Cost of Capital
Cost of Debt
Cost of Equity
Flotation Costs
Financial Analysis
Concepts and Principles
Ratio Analysis
Valuation Methods