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Financial Management (U.S.)


Our Financial Management (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of how companies manage their internal finances. This test covers the following topics: Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, Financial Statements, Financing, Internal Reporting, Planning and Control, Market Concepts, Risk Concepts, and Valuation Concepts.

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Test Outline

Capital Budgeting
Buy vs. Lease Decisions
Interest Rates
Internal Rate of Return
Net Present Value
Capital Structure
Common Stock
Financial Leverage
Firm Value
Preferred Stock
Financial Statements
Accounting Statements
Analysis & Ratios
Financial Cash Flow
Net Working Capital
Intermediate-Term Financing
Loans & Loan Covenants
Internal Reporting
Budget/Variance Reporting
Cost Allocation/COGS
Performance Measurement
Pricing Decisions
Process & Job Costing
Market Concepts
Marginal Cost & Economies of Scale
Market Structure & Performance
Price Elasticty
Supply & Demand Theory
Operations/Short Term Financing
Cash Management
Operations/Short-Term Financing
Cash Management
Credit Management
Money Market Securities
Planning & Control
Budget Process
Inventory Management
Planning Concepts
Risk Concepts
Risk fr_ee Rate
Risk Premium
Valuation Concepts
Bond Valuation
Compunding & Future Value
Discounted Cash Flow
Present Value
Stock Valuation
Time Value of Money Concept