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Fireworks 3


Our Fireworks 3 test measures your knowledge of developing graphics for the web using Macromedia's Fireworks 3. Designed for experienced designers, this test covers the following topics: Animation, Behaviors, Buttons, Exporting Images, Fill and Stroke, Fireworks Design Environment, Integration with Dreamweaver and UltraDev, Production Techniques, Slices and Hotspots, Raster Drawing Tools, and Vector Drawing Tools.

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Test Outline

Animation Types
Exporting for the Web
Onion Skinning
Adding a Behavior
Adding Multiple Behaviors
Managing Commands
Applying Effects
Creating Buttons
Using the Button Wizard
Exporting Images
Export File Types
Export Preview Window
Export Wizard
Exporting as HTML
Exporting for the Web and Other Applications
Fill and Stroke
Fill Effects
Live Effects
Stroke Effects
Fireworks Design Environment
Changing Visual Aids (Grid, Ruler, Guides)
Modifying Preferences
PNG File Format
Using Floating Palettes
Integration With Dreamweaver and UltraDev
Exporting Techniques
Sharing Files with Dreamweaver
Production Techniques
Exporting as Flash
Importing File Formats
Sharing Styles with Other Designers
Raster Drawing Tools
Slices and Hotspots
Adding Links
Applying a Hotspot
Applying Slices
Vector Drawing Tools
Bezier Curves
Freeform Tool
Sub Selection Tool
Vector Graphics