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Food Handling Safety (U.S.)


Our Food Handling Safety (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of the proper techniques of managing and treating food based on the ServSafe food safety standard. Designed for food service industry professionals, this test covers the following topics: Equipment, Utensils, and Linens; Food Hazards; Food Quality and Danger; Food Sources, Receiving, and Handling; HACCP Guidelines; Management and Personnel; Managerial Compliance and Enforcement; and Physical Facilities.


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Test Outline

Equipment, Utensils, and Linens
Cleaning and Sanitation of Equipment and Utensils
Numbers and Capacities
Protection of Clean Items
Food Hazards
Biological Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Physical Hazards
Food Quality and Danger
Special Requirements for Highly Susceptible Groups
Food Sources, Receiving, and Handling
Protection from Contamination After Receiving
Receiving Specifications
Sources and Standards
HACCP Guidelines
HACCP Principles in a Recipe
HACCP Principles in an Operation
Management and Personnel
Employee Health
Hygienic Practices
Personal Cleanliness
Managerial Compliance and Enforcement
Employee Foodborne Disease Transmission Prevention
Inspection and Correction of Violations
Permit to Operate
Physical Facilities
Location and Placement
Maintenance and Operation
Materials for Construction and Repair
Numbers and Capacities
Refuse, Recyclables, and Returnables