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HIPAA (Privacy)


Our HIPAA (Privacy) test measures your knowledge of HIPAA Standards for Privacy. Designed for all professionals who are affected by the HIPAA Standards for Privacy, this test covers the following topics: General Knowledge, Impacted Areas, Implementation, Interactions with External Parties, Regulatory Environment, and Workplace Privacy.


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Test Outline

General Knowledge
Business Entities, Associates & Trading Partners
Individually Identifiable Health Info
Protected Health Info
Impacted Areas
Covered Entities & Business Associates
Disclosure Consent & Protected Health Info
Patient Privacy Policy Notification
Protected Health Info Restrictions in Marketing
Protected Health Info Restrictions in Research
Current Compliance State Assessment
Managing Enforcement
Monitoring Organizational Compliance
Planning Compliance Solutions
Required Business Functions
Resources Available for Implementing Compliance
Training the Organization Workforce
Interactions with External Parties
Consents, Permissions & Authorizations
Disclosures & Exchanges of Protected Health Info
Use & Disclosure of Protected Health Info
Regulatory Environment
Final Rule - Implementing Legislation
Public Law 104-191 - Authorizing Legislation
Related Federal Privacy Legislation
Sanctions, Penalties & Fines
State Legislation & Privacy Rule Interactions
Workplace Privacy
Disclosure Accounting of Protected Info
Patient Notifications of Privacy Practices
Uses & Disclosures of Protected Health Info