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HRIS Concepts


Our HRIS Concepts test measures your knowledge of information systems for a human resources organization or team. Designed for experienced Human Resources professionals, this test includes the following topics: Functions of an HRIS, Installation and Maintenance, Selection Steps, Affect on the Workforce, and Technology.

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Test Outline

Affect on Workforce
Change in HR Processes
Change in HR Role, Job Descriptions
Employees - Self-Service Expectations
More/Different Resources in IT Department
Training Issues- New Software, Learning Curve
Who "Owns" HRIS, Responsibility for Maintenance
Basic Technical Terms for HR Professionals
ERP, ASP, Intranet
System Components (Hardware, Server, etc.)
Functions of an HRIS
Job Control
Training and Development
Installation of System
Maintenance of System
Reasons to Obtain an HRIS
Efficiency, Productivity, Latest Technology
Systems Integration
Selection Steps
Define Work Processes, Modify to Best Practices
Final Selection Criteria
Future Needs, Company's Goals
Management Involvement and Support
Project Goals
Proper Sequence of Steps
Role of Outside Consultant
Selection of Multiple Vendors
Vendor Demos
Write Contract
Write RFP
Web-Based HR
What is an HRIS
How Many Types?
Use Within a Company