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Health Care Risk Management (U.S.)


Our Health Care Risk Management test measures your knowledge of managing a health care facility's risk. Designed for experienced risk managers, this test covers the following topics: Risk Identification, Roles and Responsibilities, Risk Reduction Strategies, Compliance, Ethics, Clinical Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Claims Management, Risk Financing, and Loss Control.


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Test Outline

Claims Management
Aggregate Experience
Claims Identification/Investigation
Potentially Compensable Events
Workers' Compensation
Clinical Risk Management
Ambulatory Setting
Claims Identification/Investigation
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Occupational & Environmental Risks
Patient Care Risks
Confidentiality of Medical Information
Federal and State Legislation
Federal, State & Other Reporting Requirements
JCAHO and Regulatory Agencies
End Of Life Decisions (DNR, DPAHC)
Ethical Dilemmas
Patient’s Rights
Policies and Procedures
Loss Control
Classifications Of Loss
Loss Exposure
Risk Analysis
Benchmarking/Statistical Data Review
Contract Review
Legal Liability & Litigation Management
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures
Professional Liability
Risk Financing
Non-insurance Transfer
Risk Retention
Risk Identification
Formal Reporting Mechanisms
Monitoring Systems
Program Elements
Significant/Sentinel/Adverse Events
Risk Reduction Strategies
Quality Improvement & Corrective Actions
Risk Funding & Financing Techniques
Safety, Maintenance & Security
Techniques for Reducing Risk
Role & Responsibility
Education for Staff
Medical Record Documentation
Risk Management Techniques
Risk Program Implementation