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Health Insurance


Our Health Insurance (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of the health care industry medical insurance concepts, procedures, and regulations under the various health plans popular in the United States. This test covers HMO, PPO and POS Concepts and Medicare/Medicaid items. Designed for experienced health insurance specialists, this test covers the following topics: Medical Insurance Concepts, Health Care Administration, Health Care Management, Communication, and Workplace Fundamentals. The Communication and Workplace Fundamentals cover common areas such as Presentation Skills, Business Writing, Interpersonal Skills, Time Management and Managing People.


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Test Outline

Interpersonal Communications
Presentation Skills
Health Care Administration
Current Issues in Healthcare
HCFA Regulations
Legal Liability & Litigation Management
Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Performance Improvement
Quality and Accountability: Issues & Future Trends
Research Process and Analysis
U.S. Health Care Policy
Managing People
Time Management
Medical Insurance Concepts
Benefit Information
Cost Containment Techniques
HMO Plan Design
Managed Care
Medical Insurance
PPO and POS Concepts
Types of Coverage
Workplace Fundamentals
Acting with Integrity
Demonstrating Commitment
Diverse Attitude and Work Habits
Telephone Etiquette