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Hibernate 3.x


Our Hibernate 3.x test measures knowledge of and ability to use Hibernate 3.x in a software development environment. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Configuration and Integration, Criteria API, Hibernate Objects, Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Interceptors and Events, Object/Relational Mapping, Performance Improvement, Relationships and Inheritance, and Transactions and Concurrency.


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Test Outline

Configuration and Integration
Java EE Services Integration
Properties File
SQL Dialects
XML File
Criteria API
Criteria Queries
Projections and Aggregates
Query by Example
Restrictions Usage
Traversing Associations and Joins
Hibernate Objects
Data Filters
Java Persistence API
Object Identity and Equality
Object States and Persistent Lifecycle
Persistence Manager API
Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
Bulk Updates and Deletes
HQL Queries/Select Clause/Where Clause
Joins/Reporting Queries/Subselects
Named and Entity Parameters
Native SQL
Interceptors and Events
Declarative Security
Event Listeners
Interceptor Types and Implementation
Object/Relational Mapping
Collections of Components
ID Generators
Mapping Collections with Annotations
Value Types
Performance Improvement
Collections Usage
Fetching Strategies
Query Cache
Second Level Cache
Relationships and Inheritance
Entity Relationships
Inheritance Mapping Strategies
Uni- and Bi-directional Relationships
Transactions and Concurrency
ACID Properties
Concurrent Access Control
Database and System Transactions
Exception Handling
Session and Transaction Scopes