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IMS 9.0


Our IMS 9.0 test measures your knowledge of the IBM hierarchical database management system database. Designed for application programmers, this test covers the following topics: Alternate Access Paths and Database Integrity, Command Codes, Database Description, Database Interface, IMS TM Interface, Inserting and Deleting Segments, Retrieving and Updating Segments, and System Services.

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Test Outline

Alternate Access Paths and Database Integrity
Logical Relationships
Recovery and Restart
Secondary Indexing
Command Codes
Do Not Replace
First/Last Occurrence
NULL Command Code
Path Calls
Positioning Command Codes
Requesting Exclusive Control
Supplying a Concatenated Key
Database Description
Access Methods
DBDs and PCBs
Hierarchical Structure
Database Interface
Boolean Operators
DL/I Call and Parameter List
Key Feedback Areas
PCB Mask
SSA Format
IMS TM Interface
APPC Requirements
IMS Program Types
MFS Requirements
Inserting and Deleting Segments
Loading a Database
Retrieving and Updating Segments
FLD Calls
GN/GHN Calls
GU/GHU Calls
REPL Calls
System Services
PCB Call
Restart [CHKP/XRST]
Roll Back Calls