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Informatica PowerMart/PowerCenter 6.2.1


Our Informatica PowerMart_PowerCenter 6.2.1 test measures your knowledge of developing using Informatica. Designed for experienced developers, this test includes the following topics: Advanced Features and Functions, Designer, Environment Configuration, Mapping Designer, Performance, Repository Manager Tasks, Features and Functions, Setup and Installation, Source Analysis, Warehouse Designer, and Workflow Administration Tasks.

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Test Outline

Advanced Features and Functions
Designer Advanced
Features and Usability
Server Administration
Designer Tools
Features and Usability
Toolbars Customization
Environment Configuration
Informatica Server Setup
Repository Server Setup
Source System Configuration
Target Schema Creation
Mapping Designer
Comparing Objects
Mappings Creation
Objects and Ports Connections
Validating, Saving and Debugging
Bottlenecks Identification
Buffer Size and Cache Size
Mappings and Sessions Optimization
Setting Commit Intervals
Repository Manager Tasks, Features and Functions
Features and Functions
Folder Management
Repositories Administration
Repositories Management
Users and Groups Creation
Setup and Installation
CD Installation
Features and Usability
Hardware and O/S Requirements
ODBC Connections to Source/Target/Repository
Registry Configuration
Repository Database Creation
Source Analysis
Editing Sources
Importing Source Definitions
Manual Source Creation
Source Qualifiers
Sources Comparison and Source Data Viewing
Warehouse Designer
Manual Target Creation
Target Definitions
Target Maintenance
Workflow Administration Tasks
Connections Configuration
Features and Usability
Running Workflows
Tasks Creation