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Internet Technology Fundamentals


Our Internet Technology Fundamentals test measures knowledge of essential key concepts of the Internet, Extranet, and Intranet. Designed for all technical professionals, this test covers the following topics: Architecture and Networking, Client-Server Configuration, Digital Certificates, Encryption, and SSL, Internet Configuration, Connection, and Troubleshooting, Internet Development and Programming, Internet Standards and Terminology, Server Configuration and Technologies, and eCommerce Technology.

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Test Outline

Architecture and Networking
Bandwidth Options and Technologies
Client-Server Connections and Proxies
Physical Architecture
Routing and TCP/IP
Client-Server Configuration
E-mail Technology
Internet Media or "MIME" Types
Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
SSH, Telnet, and Other Clients
Web Browsers
Client-Server Configuration and Description
Browser Configuration
E-mail Clients
Client-Server Fundamentals
Client-Server Communication
Digital Certificates, Encryption, and SSL
Browser Security
Client and Server Certificates
Client/Server Certificates
eCommerce Technology
Extranets and Intranets
Marketing and Online Distribution/Sales Networks
Internet Configuration, Connection, and Troubleshooting
Connection Interruptions
Device Configuration and Diagnostics
Internet Services and TCP/IP Ports
Protocol Utilities
Internet Development and Programming
Database Technology and SQL
HTML Programming
Internet Security
Password and User Authentication
Internet Standards and Terminology
Application and Communication Layer Protocols
Dynamic Content
Network and Transport Layer Protocols
Search Engines
Server Configuration and Technologies
Domain Name Service Configuration
E-mail and Remote Access
Server Configuration and Installation