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Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.)


Our Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of the interviewing and hiring process. Designed for the typical employee and/or hiring manager, this test covers the following topics: Situational Interviews, Candidate Fit, Probing Skills, Types of Interviews, Legal Compliance, Behavioral Interviewing, Job Analysis, Behavior Traits, Interview Quality Control, and Screening.

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Test Outline

Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal/Social Skills
Leadership Skills
Psychological Assessments
Behavior Traits
Creative Thinking and Resourcefulness
Customer Service
Decision Making/Risk Taking
Employee Empowerment
Behavioral Interviewing
Analyzing Situations/Data
Designing Questions
Interviewing Techniques
Candidate Fit
Business Acumen
Cultural/Industry Fit
Team Oriented and Teamwork
Interview Quality Control
Interpreting Statistical Information
Interviewing Etiquette
Measures and Rating
Job Analysis
Competencies Needed
Desired Performance Outcomes
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed
Relationship Between Abilities and Experience
Legal Compliance
EEOC/Civil Rights
Employment Laws
Pre-Employment Physicals and Drug Screens
Proper vs Improper Questions
Probing Skills
Interview Communications Model
Listening Techniques
Types and Uses of Probes
Resume Analysis
Screening Instruments/Tests
Situational Interviewing
Interviewing Techniques
Problem Solving
Types Of Interviews
Distant Interviewing
Panel/Team Interviews