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Our Job Control Language test measures your knowledge of programming using JCL. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Conditional Execution, Data Management, Formats, JES2 Control Statements, Job Management, Parameters, Procedures and Symbols, and Statements.

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Test Outline

Conditional Execution
COND Parameter
Keywords and Operators
Special Considerations
Data Management
Direct Access Storage Devices
Generation Data Groups
OUTPUT JCL Statement
Tape Processing
Virtual Storage Access Method
Fields on JCL Cards
Fields on JES2 Cards
JES2 Control Statements
Job Management
JCL Manuals
Output Listing
Restarting a Job
Started Tasks
Backward References
Special Characters Used in Parameters
Special Characters Used in Syntax
Procedures and Symbols
Cataloged and Instream
Modifying Procedures
Nested Procedures
System and JCL Symbols
Data Definition [DD]
Identifying a Unit of Work [JOB]
Program/Procedure Execution [EXEC]