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Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2)


Our Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2) test measures your knowledge of programming JSPs. Designed for Web programmers and designers with experience in JSP 1.2, this test covers the following topics: Developing Custom Tags, Filters, JavaBeans, JSP Fundamentals, Servlet Fundamentals, Using Custom Tags, Web Application Deployment, Web Application Fundamentals, and Web Application Security.

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Test Outline

Developing Custom Tags
Implementing the BodyTag Interface
Implementing the IterationTag
Implementing the Tag Interface
Tag Extension API
Tag Library Descriptor
Configuring a Filter
Filter API
Filter Applications
Use & Functionality of Filters
Accessing JavaBeans from Scripting Elements
JavaBeans Fundamentals
JavaBeans with JSP Tags
JavaBeans with Servlets
JSP Fundamentals
Implicit Variables & Implicit Objects
Page Directive Attributes
Page Life-Cycle
Page Scopes
Static & Dynamic Inclusion
Syntax Elements
Servlet Fundamentals
Server-Side Exceptions
Servlet API
Servlet Life-Cycle
Session Management
Thread-Safe Servlets
Using Custom Tags
Configuring Custom Tab Libraries
CustomTag Fundamentals
Using Custom Tags in JSP Pages
Web Application Deployment
Deploying Web Applications
Servlet Structure & Deployment
Web Application Fundamentals
Web Application Architecture
Web Application Requirements
Web Application Servers
Web Component Patterns
Web Application Security
Authentication Mechanisms
Confuguring a Security Realm
Secure Application Requirements