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Java XML Technologies


Our Java XML Technologies test measures your knowledge of the Java API for XML Processing. Designed for experienced Java developers, software engineers, and Web architects, this test includes the following topics: DOM API - Navigation, DOM API - Reading, DOM API - Writing, JAXP API - Processing, JAXP API - Transform, Other APIs, SAX 2 API - Error Handling, and SAX 2 API - Parsing.

This test covers J2SE 1.2 and 1.3

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Test Outline

DOM API - Navigation
Navigating the Tree
DOM API - Reading
Error Handlers
Reading Nodes
DOM API - Writing
Creating Nodes
Deleting Nodes
Document Fragments
Modifying Nodes
Moving Nodes
JAXP API - Processing
Configuring the DOM Builder
Configuring the SAX Parser
Validating with a DTD
Validating with an XML Schema
Well-Formedness Checking
Working with DOM
Working with SAX
JAXP API - Transform
Adding Extensions
Controlling the Output
Passing Parameters
Working with I/O
Working with XSLT
XSLT Exceptions
Other APIs
Schema to Object Mapping
SAX 2 API - Error Handling
Error Handlers
Locating Source of Error
SAX 2 API - Parsing
Content Handlers
Customized Readers
DTD Events
Reading XML Using SAX
Resolving Entity