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Linux Administration (RHEL 5)


Our Linux Administration (RHEL5) test measures your knowledge of Linux Administration (RHEL5). Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Booting, Disks, Volumes, and Filesystems, General Upkeep, Host Based Security, Networking, Package Management, Scripting, Services and Software Management.


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Test Outline

Booting, Disks, Volumes, and Filesystems
Boot Loader
Filesystems, Journaling, and Swap
Logical Volumes
System Recovery
General Upkeep
Init and Run Levels
Log Rotation
Users and Groups
Host Based Security
File and Directory Access
Limiting Root Access
Mandatory Access Controls
Access Control and Network Super-Server
Directory Services using LDAP
Firewall/Packet Filtering
Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
Package Management
Kickstart Installations
RPM Packaging
Updating via Red Hat Network
Command Scheduling
Shell Scripting
Apache Web Server
Common UNIX Printing System
Postfix Mail Transfer Agent
Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent
X Windows and GNOME Desktop
Software Management
Compilation and Installation
Interpreting Error Messages