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LoadRunner 7.x


Our LoadRunner 7.x test measures your knowledge of the Mercury Interactive LoadRunner software. Designed for experienced technical managers and engineers, this test covers the following topics: C Language Functions, Controller - Key Topics, LoadRunner Architecture, Monitoring Scenario, Plan Load Test, Results Analysis, Supported Technologies, and VuGen Functionality.


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Test Outline

C Language Functions
Database Vuser Functions
Utility Functions
Web Vuser Functionals
Controller - Key Topics
Scenario Planning
Scenario types
Schedule Builder
LoadRunner Architecture
Recording Modes
Supported Protocols/Technologies
Monitoring Scenario
IP Spoofing
Monitor Options
Online Monitors
Plan Load Test
Load Testing Architecture
Load Testing Methodology
Results Analysis
Analysis Time Filters
Graphs and Reports Functionality
Performance Analysis
Supported Technologies
C Programming
Web Development
VuGen Functionality
Inserting Parameterization
Run-time Settings
Script Creation