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MS Access 2000 Fundamentals


Our MS Access 2000 Fundamentals test is part of our fundamentals line of business applications tests. These tests demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to proficiently use the most popular business applications at a user level. These tests are focused on the topics used daily by most professionals and do not include some of the advanced topics and skills found in our core business applications tests. The core test in this area is our MS Access 2000 Programming test. Our MS Access 2000 Fundamentals test covers the following topics: Access and Office 2000; Database Concepts; Database Reports and Queries; Database Tables and Forms; Internet and Intranet Use; and Planning, Optimization, and Troubleshooting.

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Test Outline

Access and Office 2000
Access and the Internet
Data Access Pages
Office Integration
Database Concepts
Data Entry
Database Design Basics
Normalized Design
Database Reports and Queries
Database Tables and Forms
Planning, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting
Create Table Structure
Database Housekeeping
Determining the Appropriate I/O