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MS Access 97 Programming


Our MS Access 97 Programming test measures your knowledge of database development using MS Access 97. Designed for experienced programmers, this test covers the following topics: Controls, Database Design, Deployment, Forms, Macros, Multi-User Applications, Queries, Replication, Reports, Tables, and VBA.

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Test Outline

Database Application Design
Basic Form Design
Control Types
Data Types
Field Properties
Use/Limits of Macros
Forms and Controls
Control Events
Control Properties
Form Events
Form Properties
Multi-User Applications
Basic Methods of Replication
Client-Server Applications
Form Data Sources
Linked Tables
Locking Conflicts
Platform Types
Replication Procedures and Techniques
Replication Topology
Splitting Databases
Web Techniques
Queries and Reports
Advance Querying
Basic Queries
Basic Report Design
Optimization for Speed
Pass-Through Queries
Report Events and Properties
Advanced Coding
Control Referencing
Controlling Forms and Reports
Data Manipulation
Macro Commands
Module Scope
Object-Oriented Coding