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MS Excel 2010


Our MS Excel 2010 test measures knowledge of Excel 2010. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Advanced User Features, Functions and Analytical Tools, Multiple Worksheets, Printing and Views, Privacy and Security, Tables and Graphics, Workbook and Worksheet Features, and Worksheet Formatting.

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Test Outline

Advanced User Features
Backstage View
Customize the Ribbon
File Compatability and Conversion
Slicers and Sparklines
Watch Window
Functions and Analytical Tools
Advanced Analysis
Advanced Functions
Common Functions
Macros and Custom Functions
Multiple Worksheets
3-D Formulas
Data Export
Data Import
Printing and Views
Headers and Footers
Page Breaks
Print Features
Privacy and Security
Cell Protection
Precedents and Dependents
Workbook Protection
Worksheet Protection
Tables and Graphics
General Tables
Images and Pictures
Workbook and Worksheet Features
Blank Workbooks and Templates
Cell and Range Names
Data Features
Formula Evaluation
Workbook Add-ins
Worksheet Formatting
Advanced Formatting
Conditional Formatting
Copy and Move Data
Number Formatting
Text Formatting