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MS Front Page 2000


Our MS Front Page 2000 test measures your knowledge of developing Web sites using Microsoft's Front Page 2000. Designed for experienced developers, this test covers the following topics: Creating and Managing Webs; Creating Tables and Forms; Creating Web Pages; FP Client Compatibility; Front Page Components; General Knowledge; Media; Publishing Web Sites; Site Analysis, Design, and Maintenance; Templates, Wizards, Tasks, and Frames; Web Servers, Server Management, and Server Extensions; and Web Technologies.

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Test Outline

Creating & Managing Webs
Adding Meta Tags to Web Pages
Creating Web Sites
Formatting Web Pages
Modifying Web Sites
Creating Tables & Forms
Creating & Inserting Tables
Creating Forms for Non-FP Extended Web Sites
Editing Form Elements & Documents
Editing Table Properties
Using Hidden Fields & Providing Confirmation
Creating Web Pages
Creating New Web Pages
Editing & Modifying Existing Web Pages
Saving & Printing Pages
FP Client Compatibility
Browser Differences
Editing Table Properties
FrontPage Active Elements
Front Page Components
Inserting Plug-ins & Scripts
Integration with Design-Time Controls
Using 3rd Party Add-ins to Aid in Scripting
Using ActiveX Controls & Java Applets
General Knowledge
FP Hyperlinks View
FP Navigation View
FP Page View
Root Webs and Sub Webs
Upgrading From Previous Versions
Importing Images & Editing Image Properties
Integration of Audio & Video
Publishing Web Sites
Publishing to a non-FP Extended Server
Publishing to an FP-Extended Server
Troubleshooting Publishing Errors
Site Analysis, Design, & Maintenance
Analyzing Site Requirements
Choosing the Correct Technologies
Templates, Wizards, Tasks, & Frames
Creating Web Pages with Templates
Creating Web Pages with Wizards
Defining Frame Targets
Using Frame Templates & Modifying Framed Pages
Working with Tasks
Web Servers, Server Mgmt, & Server Extensions
Access Authentication
Database Integration
The FrontPage File System
Utilizing Visual SourceSafe
Web Server Settings & Administration using IIS
Web Technologies
Adding and Customizing Themes
Adding Cascading Style Sheets Using the CSS Editor
Database Connectivity
New Features of FP2K